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Osteopathy in Crowthorne with - Katharine G Benstead BSc, DO, GOsC - (currently not available here)

Qualifiying as an Osteopath in 1998 after a number of years working in the NHS, Katharine is our Osteopath. She has worked in the local area for several years and is fortunate to have a loyal client base and receives many personal referrals. She is fully registered with the General Osteopathic Council and is also covered by most major healthcare insurers.

Osteopathy Crowthorne
Katharine works in the clinic:-

  • Wednesday all day
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  • Friday all day

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    So What is Osteopathy?

    "When you have adjusted the physical to its normal demands nature supplies the remainder" Dr A T Still, Founder of Osteopathy

    Osteopathy looks at the inter-relationship between the structure of the body and the way in which it functions.
    The training for osteopathy is 4 to 5 years long and involves in depth study of many subjects including anatomy, physiology, pathology and clinical skills. This equips Osteopaths to work as Primary Care practitioners, so a GP referral is not always necessary for consultation.

    An Osteopath assesses the patient from a mechanical, functional and postural viewpoint and applies a manual hands-on treatment to suit the individual's needs. A variety of techniques may be used - which may include soft tissue massage, rhythmic stretching techniques, articulation, traction, manipulation and exercises. Gentle release techniques are widely used and osteopathic treatment is seldom said to be painful.

    Clients come with a variety of complaints, including joint and muscle pain or strain, posture changes, headaches, work related injury, arthritis, neck pain, sciatica and many others.

    It is usually the case that the client may need weekly treatments until such a time when less frequent maintenance may be more appropriate. The aim is to achieve improvement within two to three sessions.

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    Cranial Osteopathy?

    The art of Cranial Osteopathy lies in working with the body. The treatment may appear to the onlooker to be imperceptible and even possibly to the Client, but underneath may have profound influence on the wellbeing of the individual.

    In babies, the small amounts of movement that exist in the skull allow a baby's head to adapt to the forces of labour. Complications during birth may lead to distortion of the skull resulting in subtle changes in function - which may be expressed by signs of discomfort, which may take the form of feeding difficulties, inability to settle or disturbed sleeping patterns.

    In children and teenagers, problems may become apparent which may have arisen from earlier strains or as a result of knocks and trauma. Glue ear, recurrent nasal infections and developmental problems may be some conditions which might bring them to see an osteopath.

    In adults, problems may arise in the same way. In addition to this, working practices, postural habit and trauma (either physical or emotional) may contribute to problems which may bring a client to see a Cranial Osteopath. These problems may include such complaints as migraine/headaches, musculo skeletal problems, chronic pain, WRI, some chronic fatigue symptoms and postural problems.

    Is there any research?

    Recent research reports relating to osteopathy.

    The Effectiveness of Manual Therapies – the UK evidence report offers a comprehensive summary of the scientific evidence regarding the effectiveness of manual therapies in the management of a range of musculoskeletal and non-musculoskeletal conditions. To see this report - click here

    What Happens During a Visit

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    Coronavirus - if you have any of the symptoms of the virus, or have been in contact with anyone who currently has the virus, please contact Katharine to rearrange your appointment.

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